Tuesday, 29 May 2012

North India Trip - Day 8 @ New Delhi

Date: 18/12/11
Route: New Delhi-Singapore
--Indira Gandhi International Airport T3--
We departed for IGI T3 at 6.20am.
 IGI T3 Jet Airways Check-in counters.
 T3 is brand new and modern. Impressive airport.
 Heading to our boarding gates.
 Waiting for my flight home~
--Jet Airways 9W018--
Plane departed at 8.55am.
My breakfast on board.
Check out the stuffs I bought for my family, friends and colleagues!
Bought a few lovely paper-mache items, and a wooden box for myself. Even the Darjeeling tea for my relative comes with a nicely carved box.
Paper-mache bracelets for CC Gang.
15 packers of Indian tea for my colleagues. I've never bought so many souvenirs!

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